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Bobal Grape

Without a doubt, Bobal is the queen variety of the Utiel-Requena area and it is currently leading the recovery of the local varieties. It has been the most predominant variety of grape, grown for many centuries in the Utiel-Requena region and it is the second most planted red grape variety in Spain. Internationally, Bobal is an important and increasingly respected grape variety.

Bobal vines produce large compact bunches of medium-sized berries and are extremely drought resistant. Bobal is also known to retain it’s acidity better than any other grape variety grown in a hot climate, producing well-structured, velvety, silky and fresh red wines.
The best Bobal wines require yields to be controlled in the vineyard and ideally grown from old vines. Bobal vineyards of higher elevations – those over 700m above sea level - are capable of producing some very impressive wines of superior quality.

Our vineyards hidden in the mountains behind Valencia are located in a very charming little village called Casas De Moya.  The altitude varies from 800m to 950m, wich garanties a great difference in day and night temperatures. The old vines are grown in poor sandy soil with lots of pebbles.  They give us reduced yields of very high quality grapes.



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